Hello, my name is Aninda and welcome to The-A-Family!

Well, I don’t know why since a kid, I’ve always had a feeling that I will raise a family with someone whose name starts with an A too (same as mine!). And just like a miracle, it happened. We met and we’ve tied our knot. His name is Arwindo. He is a loving man who has passions in sea creatures and motorbike things. Of course we came from the 100% different background but this is how we started. Years later, our babies were born. They are Arkhairan (2012) and Andayra (2017). So yeah, this is it; The-A-Family. A family that starts with an A!

I’ve been running this blog since 2017 and surprisingly it has stolen the readers’ heart up to now! With my background as an Early Childhood Practitioner, I really love to write about the way of my parenting and my children’s life. I also share some of my reviews that relate to family-friendly (things, places, hotels, and so on). And perhaps, my personal stories too.

The-A-Family.com is fully about our lives. We wish you a pleasant reading 🙂


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Disclaimer: our reviews on The-A-Family.com purely based on our real thoughts and experiences. Otherwise, for ‘sponsored review’ will be clearly marked with #SponsoredReview at the end of our review.

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A family that starts with an A.

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